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The Distillery is a creative collaboration between designer Blair Richardson, photographer Jody Horton and writer Logan Ward. We tell brand stories using a variety of media. Whether we're producing books or magazines, designing websites or building brand identity, we view each client as unique and distill every story down to its most authentic and compelling essence.

"The City that Feeds Mexico,"  Food+City,  Winter 2016.

"The City that Feeds Mexico," Food+City, Winter 2016.


Origin Story

The idea for The Distillery first bubbled up at a dusty rural distillery three hours south of Oaxaca. There on assignment to explore the traditions of craft mescal distillation, Blair, Jody and Logan bonded over copitas of the salty, smoke-tinged liquor. We recognized a kindred spirit in the palenque's patriarch, Don Felipe, a bronze-skinned grandfather with ivory-colored sideburns and mustache, who lives in a well-seasoned cowboy hat. Year after year, for decades, Don Felipe has relied on passion, experience, hard work and simple, natural ingredients to produce a mescal he calls "legítimo.”

"Authentic," in other words. The real deal.

Don Felipe is a proud practitioner who's teaching his son what he himself learned from his father. The family standards are immutable and as crystal clear as the high-octane liquid that dribbles from their two copper stills. No chemical additives. No technological shortcuts. The labor-intensive process - from harvest to roasting, crushing, fermenting and distilling - takes a month or more.

Resting in the shade of his porch, Don Felipe filled a palm-sized calabash and passed it around for all to sample. When the vessel made its way back to the maestro, he raised it to his lips and drank. “Es legítimo!” he said, clenching his left fist.

At The Distillery, we try to bring the same level of pride and commitment to every project we undertake. As Don Felipe might say, "vale la pena." It's worth the effort.


“I held The Annual in my hand for the first time today, and I was so very proud of it. Thank you so much for all your work and craft on this project.  You have made something beautiful for the world.”

— jason ballard, president and co-founder, treehouse


What Drives Us

Brand reputation is a resource more precious than gold. It always was. But in today’s information-rich world of savvy consumers, a company’s image must align with its reality. We get this intuitively. As branding experts with years of editorial experience, we bring a fresh inquisitiveness to each new job. We listen. We dig for telling details. We understand audience and won’t stop until we create on-point, emotionally potent content that demands attention. Content that makes people think and feel and act. Above all, we want our work to matter.

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"Finding Shangri La," from the  TreeHouse Annual  vol. 2

"Finding Shangri La," from the TreeHouse Annual vol. 2


How We Work

We collaborate - with each other and our clients. We're a small shop because we feel it's important for clients and creative partners to directly communicate. We listen. We respond. We try to have fun. It's better for our work and well-being.

From the James Beard Award Winning  Smoke: New Firewood Cooking

From the James Beard Award Winning Smoke: New Firewood Cooking



Got an idea for a project? Drop us a line, and we'll let you know how we might make it a reality.

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